Desert Regional Medical Center

Department of Graduate Medical Education Office

The mission of the Graduate Medical Education Department is to provide administrative oversight and ensure the academic quality within the accredited residency programs. The GME office works closely with the Program Directors, Hospital Administration, and various accreditation organizations such as the American Osteopathic Association (AOA) and Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) to enhance the quality of the learning environment, ensure patient safety, and support the overall program goals and objectives. We are committed to maintaining a scholarly environment that is dedicated to excellence in education, medical care, and research.

Sherine Lazarow, Ed.D, MBA
ACGME Designated Institutional Official
AOA Institutional Educational Officer
(760) 323-6866

Lawrence Serif, DO
AOA Director of Medical Education

Chris Cintron, JD, MPA
Institutional GME Coordinator
(760) 449-5294

Tammy Gonzalez
Residency Coordinator – Neurology
(760) 416-4960

Anthony Harrison
Residency Coordinator – Neurosurgery
(760) 416-4568

Luz Sanchez
Program Coordinator – Internal Medicine
(760) 992-7152

Eric Dickerson
Administrative Assistant – Internal Medicine

Lizet Martinez, MHA
Residency Coordinator – Emergency Medicine
(760) 323-6830

Jeffery Durham, MLIS, AHIP, MTS, MMin
Desert Care Network Market Medical Librarian
(760) 323-6488